Monday, March 30, 2009

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..16 random of things, facts, goals, or habits about me.

1. i like to write my name as Aizat Alaudin
2. i'm in love with Nurul Afidah
3. i love my home
4. and i love to drove my '74 Lancer

5. i like to eat mcd double cheese burger + tomato sauce
6. i'm prefer 1901 hotdog rather than popcorn while watching movie
7. nasi lemak ayam bawah pokok sangat sedap (which pokok?)
8. mamaku pandai masak daging 'dinding'

9. i'm not punctual and always late to class
10. i bought a 50ml armani code for rm230
11. i want to get married, house, car and a good salary by the age of 30
12. i'm manchester united fan (glory glory)

13. i grown up in wangsa maju since 1987
14. i don't know what to write
15. i never scored A in my 'building' exam paper
16. and i love to score goal when playing futsal..